Why Should You Purchase A Water Softener

soft-waterHard water is something that is an inconvenience to a vast majority of households in the UK, but for various reasons is tolerated. More and more people are taking the decision to filter their drinking water to improve the taste but far fewer are bothering to improve the quality of water throughout the rest of the house.

A domestic water softener need not be an expensive outlay. Indeed it can be an investment. Any person that that has a home water softener will tell you that they would not go back to ‘hard water’ living.

The science part of a water softener is the resin which removes the hardness from the water and replaces it with sodium. There are many variations to take into account, such as non electric softeners or electric softeners , block salt or pebble salt, timer controlled or meter controlled, the fact is that they will all if properly looked after and maintained do the same job. The less expensive electric softeners are ideal those families wanting the benefits of soft water at an affordable price.

Soft water means that the use of shampoo, washing powder, shower gel etc is greatly reduced as you will require less to obtain the level of soap suds or foam required. Soft water also will have an effect on the feel of clothing ,towels etc leaving them softer to touch and ‘fluffier’. Hair and skin will also feel softer and there are reasons to show that soft water has a beneficial effect on skin conditions such as eczema. With no scale in the water showers and bath tubs stay cleaner and easier to clean with no ‘water marks’ or ‘scum ring’ Kitchen sinks and worktops will also benefit from the soft water provided by a softener

Perhaps the greatest asset of installing a home water softener is the effect it has on the heating elements on your hot water system and pipes and appliances such as your washing machine. A water softener will over time remove existing scale from hot water pipes and heaters increasing their efficiency and ultimately reducing heating costs, washing machines last longer with soft water as the elements will not fail due to scale build up.

Overall the reasons and advantages of installing a domestic water softener in your home far outweigh the reasons not to and will over a period of time pay back the initial cost.

Why have a Water Softener?

Why have a Water Softener?

A water softener brings many benefits to the household.
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